Ultimate Nurse Morning Routine: Improve Your Mood, Increase Your Productivity & Seize The Day!

Entering 2020, we’ve probably already started on our New Year’s resolutions – I know I have. But, if you haven’t started working on it yet, you HAVE to add having a good morning routine to your list!

Nurses, especially new nurses, and nursing students can really benefit from having a structured, easy to follow morning routine. It gets you ready for your work day, improves your mood, and increases your productivity – just by following this easy tips!


Before I even climb out of bed in the morning, I sit up and drink a tall glass of water.

The first thing you should do as soon as you get up, is get hydrated. While we run around the hospital or campus, we can easily forget to stop and take care of ourselves. There isn’t much time to pee, let alone stop for a drink. So get stocked up before you head out in the morning by drinking at least 8 oz of water as soon as you get up. The rule of thumb is 8 oz 8 times a day. Plus, water increases your energy levels, helps you focus and decreases headaches!


I ALWAYS review my weekly plan and monthly goals before I leave the house.

Know what your goals are for the week and the month before you leave for the day. It keeps the rest of your day in perspective and helps you envision what you want to accomplish during the day. There are a million different ways to keep a weekly and monthly plan. Pinterest has a variety of free printable weekly planners, bullet journal ideas and other crafty, unique ways of keeping yourself organized. Either way, make sure it works for you!


I take time to stretch and mediate before I put on my scrubs.

When you get busy and wrapped up in the insanity that is working the floor of a hospital, you can easily get overwhelmed and not feel like you know what to do. New admissions, monitors beeping, vent alarms, calls on hold for you, doctors to consult….The list of things to get done is endless.

But, just like everything else in life, learning to deal with stress takes practice. How? Stretching and meditation! I do at least 5 different stretches covering all the major muscle groups that hold my stress: quads, hamstrings, shoulders, neck, and back (Lower back pain can be such a problem! Check out this site for 6 amazing lower back stretches!)

Meditation can come in many forms. I like to sit on the foot of my bed, cross my legs, and practice mindfulness exercises. There are lots of different mindfulness exercises to try. For some check out this article from the Mayo Clinic!


I make time for a short podcast while I make my breakfast.

You can save a lot of money by cooking your own food, but you can also improve yourself too! Take the time while making your meal in the morning to listen to a podcast.

There are many podcasts I suggest, some with longer episodes than others. Check them out on Spotify, Stitcher or just click on the podcast name below.

  • The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial
    • My favorite episode: One Tiny Secret to Success, Happiness and Joy
    • Episodes range from 1 minute to 1 hour long. Focuses on self-care, self-improvement, business and health.
  • The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
    • My favorite episode: Upgrade Your Mental Health with Dr. Margaret Rutherford
    • Episodes range from 5 minutes to 1 hour long. Focuses on self-help and made up mostly of interviews with top professionals in their respective fields.
  • Life Kit by NPR
    • My favorite episode: How to Manage Emotions at Work
    • Episodes range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes long. Focuses on a range of simple ways to improve your daily lives.
  • The Savvy Psychologist by Quick and Dirty Tips
    • My favorite episode: How to Be Assertive Without Being A Jerk
    • Episodes are all about 15 minutes long. Focuses on a variety of practical psychology topics that are SO applicable to nursing and improving your soft skills!
    • Bonus: Listen to their episode on 3 Mini Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do Without Meditating if you are short on time but still want to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.
  • RISE Podcast by Rachel Hollis
    • My favorite episode: How to Super-Charge Your Morning Routine
    • Episodes are all about 50 minutes long. Focuses on answers to how to questions focused on self-help, business, and health. Highly recommended!
    • Bonus: Check out her episode entitled Daily Habits that Change the Game with Bendon Burchard.


I eat a fantastic breakfast that follows my basic rules of eating healthy.

I used to do ballet back at the beginning of my college days (the first time I went through). Through ballet, I learned a lot about taking care of my body. Nutrition is a huge part of a dancer’s routine because what you get out of your body is proportionate to what you put in.

The basic rules of eating a healthy, balanced diet are much simpler than you think! That is, as long as you stick with it and maintain an active lifestyle (neither nutrition or exercise alone is enough to make you exceptionally healthy!)

I have 3 basic rules whenever I eat:

  1. Eat three meals a day and one snack.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast!
  3. Each meal should include:
    1. Protein serving (animal or plant based) the size of your hand without your thumb
    2. Grain serving the size of your fist
    3. Vegetable serving the size of your first
    4. Fruit serving the size of your fist
    5. A little bit of fat

For more information on nutrition and ways to improve your eating habits, check out this link! (This is a nutrition video for students who are professional dancers and athletes – but there are fantastic nutrition and cooking tips for everyone!)


Getting a good morning routine down is essential to improving your work day, mood and productivity!

what is included in a good morning routine?

  1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. 8 oz 8 times a day is a good rule of thumb to use for water per day.
  2. Review your weekly and monthly plan. Review your goals and remind yourself of what you want to accomplish.
  3. Warm up your muscles and mind. Stretch your muscles and practice stress relief techniques before you get dressed.
  4. Listen to an empowering podcast. Above, I have listed 5 of my top favorite podcasts – check them out!
  5. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Follow the basic nutrition rules above to improve your eating habits overnight.

If you found this information helpful or want to add something, then like, comment and share! Happy Nursing!

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