New Nurse Organization: How to Love Being an Adult – Free Printables Included!

NCLEX Update: Still waiting on that ATT number! If any other nurses are out there, seriously, this hurry up and wait game is starting to kill me. I do work during the week, but I’m ready to take this exam and start! (P.S. the image above is me studying for boards, waiting on the State Board of Nursing to process my application.)

I’m so used to being SUPER busy, I have started making more work for myself (like this blog :). One thing I have been working on is getting the inner adult in me warmed for Nurse Residency and real world problems, like rent, groceries, taxes, etc..

The best way I have discovered to keep me organized and on task has been from organization tools I have designed specifically for me. Last December I started keeping track of my habits on loose leaf papers and putting them in a binder. It got me through till I graduated but in my spare time I have designed a better, more comprehensive way to stay organized week to week, month to month, and be able to incorporate habit tracking.

Below I have attached my new printables – totally FREE for anyone who likes them and can incorporate them into their own organization methods!

How to: Weekly Planner

If you check out my post on my morning routine, you’ll see where I included my weekly review as part of how I get myself ready for the day.

Part of this is:

  • Write out your affirmation statement for the day
  • Mark off your habits on the days that you complete them, this could be biweekly, daily or three times a day – however you want (Example: I highlighted Monday and Saturday last week because my goal is to read two books a week so I can read 100 books this year – I finished one Monday and another on Saturday)
  • Use a pencil so you can erase if/when your schedule changes
  • Circle 1-5 at the end of the day or beginning of the next day for how your day went, 5 being fantastic and 1 being the worst (Example: I got up this morning, Thursday, and circled a 5 for yesterday, Wednesday, because I had a fantastic day at work!)

How to: 2020 Goals

You may already have a way to track your yearly goals, and that’s great! But, if you’re looking for a way to efficiently tackle your tasks for the year, then use my free download below.

The best way to use this is to:

  • Write out a specific, realistic goal (Example: instead of “I will buy a new car,” write down, “I will buy a nice car with less than 100,000 miles by July 2020”) – you can be as specific as you want, just make it important to you
  • Explain why you want to achieve this goal – if you know why you want it then you are more likely to achieve it and it helps you prioritize which goals are more important to you
  • Be clear about when you want it done by
  • List steps you must achieve in order to reach your goal
  • When you reach your goal, put a check mark in the circle on the upper right hand corner of your goal’s box

How to: Meal Plan

If you’re also into meal planning or want to start this is an easy way to plan out what you will eat for a week. It isn’t meant to be detailed about ingredients, but it does help if you are a beginner wanting to get into the habit of food prepping.

  • List what you plan to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
  • List out what you will need to buy at the grocery on the right hand side
  • Keep the sheet on your fridge during the week as a reminder to yourself when you unconsciously go to grab a snack

Like, comment and share if you find this information helpful! Enjoy!

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